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Gnostic Institute of Anthropology

The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology is not just another school, but the vehicle through which the Gnosis of yesterday, today, and forever is expressed. It is the organism of diffusion of the Gnostic Teachings delivered by the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology is the precursor of a new era of profound psychological changes, it is an institution formed by men and women who have assumed the unusual task of revolutionising themselves, searching for their own intimate self-realisation.

The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology is a non-profit institution, working exclusively so that all people, without distinction of social or cultural level, age, sex, race or belief, can benefit from these teachings.

Its aims are:

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Philosophy Perennis et Universalis

Gnosis is the original source of knowledge, it is the wisdom-synthesis that shone forth in the great serpentine civilisations of antiquity.

It is the essence of all religions and spiritual traditions of the past. It is necessary to distinguish between essence and religious forms. Religious forms expire with time, the essence always remains and only changes its clothes with the passing of time.

Gnosis is a perennial and universal philosophy, it is the wisdom-religion of the earliest times of humanity, it is the metaphysical and occult system of religions, only visible to the initiates.

Gnosis is transcendental and transformative wisdom that teaches humanity to see, hear and feel all the mysteries of all ages and of the universe.

The study and praxis of Gnosis generates a true scientific school of initiation in life, which translates into the transformation of the human being into a man of a superior type, who achieves the awakening of Consciousness and solves the greatest of all arcana and mysteries: he becomes aware of the enigma of his own existence and takes his place in the historical context of the Universe.

The knowledge of Gnostic Science embraces the four pillars of human knowledge: Science, art, philosophy and mysticism

Hindu Trinity: Vishnu-Shiva-and-Brahma

Gnosis is the primitive Doctrine-Synthesis of humanity, its origin being as old as the Universe itself.

In fact, the study of gnosis implies the reencounter of man with his real origin. It is the means through which man can develop internally and acquire the capacity to conduct himself with balance in his social environment and discover, by himself, the purpose of his existence on Earth.

The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology -GIA-, which has branches in many countries, imparts Gnostic teaching and periodically organises congresses, courses, conferences and practical activities, focussing on some topics of the study of Gnosis.


Buddha, Siddhārtha Gautama, (6th-5th centuries BC).

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one must. We ourselves must walk the path. It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then victory will be yours. It cannot be taken from you, neither angels nor demons, heaven or hell.


The Wisdom of ancient civilisations.

..."There is a great difference between merely profane Anthropology and Gnostic Anthropology. The merely profane Anthropology, through associations of an intellectual type, draws logical deductions which may not agree, in reality of truth, with the Esoteric Principles of Anahuac, or of the Toltecs, or of Egypt, and so forth. But Gnostic Wisdom, Gnostic Anthropology, based on precise rules and on Eternal Traditional Principles, knows how to extract from the archaic stones all the Esoteric Wisdom. Thus, we must differentiate between Gnostic Anthropology and merely intellectual Anthropology.

This is a time of confusion: Humanity is in a state of chaos, there is world crisis and bankruptcy of all moral principles; people have gone to war (one against the other and all against all).

At this time of world confusion and the bankruptcy of all Hermetic Aphorisms and Principles, we have no choice but to delve into the Wisdom of the past, to extract from the Codices the precise orientation to guide us in the present moment; to drink from the traditional fountain of the august Wisdom of Nature, to seek the first channels of Cosmic Wisdom...

The time has come for us to return, once again, to the study of the classical books, but with a watchful eye, knowing how to "draw from the letter that kills, the Spirit that gives life".

Man, in himself, is a Mystery. The ancients said: “Nosce te Ipsum”. (Man, know thyself and thou shalt know the Universe and the Gods). The time has come to investigate ourselves thoroughly, and to go out to meet our own destiny, to delve into the depths of ourselves..."

Phra Si Sanphet. Ayutthaya, India. Buddhist temple,

—Excerpt from a lecture given by the V.M. Samael Aun Weor at the International Gnostic Congress of Anthropology in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1976—

Science, art, philosophy and mysticism.

Some topics of study: Gnostic anthropology. The origin of man. Psychic study of the human being. The four states of consciousness. Meditation: theory and practice. Work on the mind and emotions. The superior existential bodies of the Being. The sacred mysteries of the serpent. Initiatory tantrism. The chakras and the higher faculties of man. The mysteries of life and death. The awakening of consciousness. Lost civilisations and extraterrestrials. The multidimensional universe. Self-remembering and self-observation. The third state of consciousness


"Gnostic knowledge reappears in times of crisis".

V.M. Samael Aun Weor

Founder of the International Gnostic Movement, he is the author of a large number of literary works of a psychological, philosophical, anthropological and scientific nature. His style as a writer is of great synthetic power, which is why he is known in some literary circles as "the master of synthesis"

It must be said that Master Samael Aun Weor is a continuator of the work undertaken by the enlightened intelligences of occult Knowledge, by those who from time immemorial and even in the past 20th century, crystallised in one way or another the divine Gnosis or Wisdom of all times.

The time has come to make an in-depth investigation, to find our own destiny, to delve into the deepest part of ourselves

Maestro Samael Aun Weor

V.M. Litelantes

She was the wife and esoteric collaborator of V.M. Samael Aun Weor. She discovered the jinn states, mentioned by Mr. Mario Roso de Luna and Arnold Krumm-Heller, and collaborated with the Master in the scientific investigation of the vegetable elementals that appear in the Treatise on Occult Medicine.

Maestra Litelantes


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